Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is Imdaad Foundation?

Imdaad Foundation is a non-profit, apolitical, non-governmental charity organization of Jammu & Kashmir active in the field since 1977.

Q) Who the Imdaad Foundation Helps?

Imdaad Foundation helps poor, widows, destitute, orphans, sick, disabled, homeless and other have-nots by providing them timely assistance on one-time and monthly basis.

Q) How the Imdaad Foundation helps?

Imdaad Foundation helps the beneficiaries by giving them monetary assistance on one-time or monthly basis depending upon the circumstances. Those who need cash assistance on regular basis (for example for subsistance or medical care) are given assistance on regular basis and those who need one-time assistance (for example for marriages, shelters, house repairs, surgeries, medicine etc) are given it on lump sum.

Q) Does imdaad Foundation provide assistance to any one making request?

Imdaad Foundation after recieving applications from persons requiring assisstance or acting on a information conducts verification to assertain the genuinness of the cases and if the cases are genuine, provides suitable assisstance. this is necessary to discourage the professional begging.

Q) Does Imdaad Foundation have an orphanage?

Imdaad Foundation does not have any orphanage. Imdaad Foundation believes that an orphan can be brought up best by his own nears and dears. The best environment for the orphan is where his immidiate relatives live and where his brothers, sisters and cousins play. We help them by providing monetary assistance to his guardians. They are sent to the schools where normal children go.

Q) Does Imdaad Foundation provide free medicine?

Imdaad Foundation does not provide free medicine to patients. It gives them money which can buy them medicine, pay for their surgeries if they require or arrange after care.

Q) How does Imdaad Foundation help critical patients including cancer patient?

Imdaad Foundation has established a Cancer Fund for those Cancer patients who can not afford treatment. Such patients are given cash assisstance or the payment is made directly to the hospital where the treatment is offerred. Alternately, payment is made to the pharmacy where from the required medicine are perchased. Donations to the cancer Fund are recieved by cash, cheque, DD, transfer or any other legal mode agaisnt proper reciept. In all the cases "CANCER FUND" must be clearly indicated. Such donations can be made to our J&K Bank (Nawakadal) SB account number 18003.

Q) How do the beneficiaries recieve monetary assisstance?

Those who are are found genuine after verification process are asked to open a bank account and the assisstance money is transfered to his/her account. Also an account payees cheque is issued to the beneficiaries. we do not issue cash in normal cirdumstances.

Q) How can I become a donor of the Imdaad Foundation?

Any person can legally donate to Imdaad Foundation. One can become a monthly donor by signing a letter of Authority (available for download here given to J&K Bank indicating the ammount the donor wishes to donate every month. We also recive cash, cheques, DDs etc against reciept. On the occasions of Eids we also collect special contribution.

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