My Tomorrow needs you Today

Assalam Alaikum / Greetings.

There are hundreds and thousands of children in our Valley who need your support. Their future needs you today. At Imdaad Foundation, we are trying to help as many people as possible. These people include Orphans, Women in need, divorced women, unemployed and poor people, medical cases and so on.

Your donations in the past have helped us go a long way. We need your support this time too. Please contribute to Imdaad Foundation so that thousands of families registered with us can live a better life.

You can contribute by sending us your valuable donations in our official bank account.


Official Bank Account Details:
1. 0249040100018003.
Imdaad Foundation.
J&K Bank, Nawakadal.

2. 0084040100055329.
Imdaad Foundation.
J&K Bank, N. S. Road.






Help the needy

by donating to Imdaad Foundation